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Trending Garage Door Design Ideas for 2023

Trending Garage Door Design Ideas for 2023

Trending Garage Door Design Ideas for 2023

Because your garage door contributes to your home’s curb appeal and daily function, replacing it can be a compelling update. A quality garage door is naturally durable and practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be full of style and character. 

Explore these top trending garage door designs and ideas for 2023 to find your favorites and get what you envision for your doors

Black Garage Doors

A black garage door is a beautiful statement that adds timeless elegance to your home. Black garage doors are increasingly popular and can add value because black design elements are prominent in upscale homes. 

Black is a surprisingly versatile color, no matter your home’s architectural style or exterior shade. A bold, black garage door can be a unique focal point, especially if your house color contrasts the garage doors. Your door can blend seamlessly if your exterior design already features darker colors. 

Black garage door accents are a perfect way to incorporate high-end appeal without overcommitting. Add a splash of black to your garage door’s panels, window frames or light fixtures to modernize the finished look. Whether you go for an all-black garage door or use the color to highlight specific features, your house will have stunning curb appeal.

Smart Garage Doors

There’s nothing better than tailoring your home to be safer, energy-efficient and convenient. Plus, high-tech features are an incredible selling point for homeowners. With all this in mind, it’s exciting to know you can embrace smart elements in your garage doors, too.

Here are some of the customizable functions of smart garage doors: 

  • Control your garage door remotely using your smartphone. 
  • Receive notifications whenever your garage door opens or closes. 
  • Save energy and reduce costs with sensors that adjust the temperature in your garage.
  • Create a safer environment and save energy with motion sensors that automatically close the door if no one is around. 

Wood-Grain Colors

Wooden doors’ natural, rustic aesthetic is classic. Wood is always in style, but requires extensive upkeep to maintain a polished look. Thankfully, there is a clever alternative. Wood-grain colors are a trending garage door design idea that gives you a realistic look and feel with all the added advantages of Fiberglas and other durable materials. 

Garage door manufacturing has many exciting innovations, including incredible technology we can apply to materials. For example, you can give sturdy steel doors a wooden look and texture.

Wood-grain colors are a great option if you have a natural theme running through the rest of your exterior. Wood-grain garage doors can beautifully complement stone or brick walls and look stunning against cream or white accents.  

Full-View Aluminum Doors

You can create a striking and ultra-modern look with full-view aluminum garage doors. These have become more prevalent in residential areas, and it’s easy to see why. This design offers all the protection and privacy you want from a garage door without obstructing your vision. The full-view design also allows for lots of natural light, so your garage’s interior is bright and inviting while seeming more spacious. 

Full-view aluminum doors create an architectural point of interest and give your home a contemporary edge. 

Other benefits you get from full-view aluminum garage doors include: 

  • Aluminum is a durable, low-maintenance material.
  • Full-view aluminum doors feature reflective glass for privacy and laminated glass for safety.


Homeowners are increasingly using their garages as an extension of their homes. For example, you may want to convert your garage into a gym, studio, workshop or home office. For all these purposes, you’ll need a well-ventilated space that feels bright and welcoming. Adding windows to your garage doors is the answer. 

You also have a world of design options that can fit seamlessly into your home’s style and architecture. Choose from various textures and designs, from square to arched windows. 

Consider all the features you want your windows to have and discuss them with a professional. You can have opaque windows for added privacy or windows designed with safety in mind. 



Insulated doors are a must-have if you live in a colder climate, especially if your garage attaches to rooms you use daily. You’d be surprised how much heat you could lose in your house from uninsulated garage doors. Insulated garage doors are also effective in warmer areas, because proper insulation can prevent your garage from becoming stifling hot.  

Insulated garage doors offer an economical option that can reduce energy usage. These doors also make your garage more comfortable and practical, especially if you use it as a gym, workshop or office. 

Bold Colors

Gone are the days of a garage door being nothing more than a practical component of your house. Embracing bold colors is one of the best garage door trends of 2023. Bright colors give you a simple but effective way to update your exterior. The best part is that there are so many color ideas for garage doors, and you can play with this trend as much as you desire to get the most vibrant palette in any hue you choose. Bold garage doors will create an eye-catching and modern focal point for your house. 

Farmhouse Carriage

Are you dreaming of a charming farmhouse? You can get an authentic barn feel with a farmhouse carriage garage door. Farmhouse carriage doors come in various styles. You can customize them using materials like steel or wood-grain and your favorite paint stains and finishes. 

Carriage garage door styles can mimic swing doors for the whole farmhouse experience. Regardless of your choice, farmhouse carriage doors will add a rustic character to your house. 

Sustainable Designs

Sustainable design elements will always be on trend. We’ve already seen how smart garage doors, windows and insulated doors provide you with energy-efficient options. Recycled materials like plastic composites or reclaimed wood accents are also game-changing and an easy way to incorporate sustainability into your garage door’s design. 

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Are you ready to get your ideal garage door? BlackHawk Garage Door is family-owned and certified, providing dependable service in the Twin Cities and throughout Western Wisconsin. We apply years of expertise to installing and repairing garage doors because we know how much your garage can enhance your home. 

We carry various styles and materials to match your desired aesthetic and increase your property’s value. Contact us today to discuss your garage door ideas or request an estimate now!

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8 Commercial Garage Door Safety Tips

Your commercial overhead door is essential to your workplace. You rely on it to perform safely every day without incident. However, these doors can cause safety problems if they are not correctly handled or maintained. Commercial doors are heavier and heavier than residential garage doors, and they’re often used more frequently.

Preventing workplace accidents by following good safety routines will keep your facility safer and running at its best, saving you money and protecting your employees. Below are some safety tips for commercial doors. Follow these to keep your business safe and ensure your overhead doors work well for a long time. 

1. Choose a Quality Door

Installing a high-quality commercial overhead door is essential for proper garage door safety. Having durable, correctly installed overhead doors ensures your space and workers stay protected day and night. Good commercial garage doors are also less likely to malfunction, easier to maintain and last longer, saving you money and improving the safety of your facility. 

Choose a strong steel or aluminum insulated door for improved security and safety. Fire-rated doors are excellent for withstanding heat and fire damage, so consider investing in one if you want added protection for your entries or work in a high-risk environment. 

2. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Don’t just call for repairs when your overhead door experiences issues — regular professional maintenance helps improve your commercial garage door safety. Repair technicians can check your overhead door for any problems and perform the necessary tuneups to keep your door operating smoothly. 

Paying for regular maintenance can not only help keep your facility safer, but it can also save you money. Scheduled maintenance can catch problems before they become more extensive, keeping you from paying for expensive repairs later. The longer damage goes unchecked, the higher the chances are of it becoming a serious safety concern. 

3. Train Employees 

Creating and implementing proper employee procedures will help increase your commercial garage safety. Ensure every employee operating or working near the doors understands how to use them and follows all necessary safety procedures. Keep all nonessential employees away from the doors to reduce the chance of injury. 

Any workplace safety program you implement should be comprehensive and mandatory for all employees. The training should include safety tips and an overview of potential hazards. Make sure the guidelines are written down and easily accessible for all employees. Finally, have a system for enforcing safety measures in place — all employees should know to follow the guidelines and what could happen if they don’t. 

4. Test Safety Features

Routinely test the door safety features to ensure they’re working properly. Check features, like security attachments or metal hardware, and immediately repair anything that needs it. Most doors have a “reverse on contact” safety feature for easy testing. Stick a wood board or other object under the garage door and close it. If it doesn’t immediately reverse after touching the object, you need to get the system checked or replaced. 

Another easy test involves waving a broom or long object under the closing overhead door. If you break the laser line that sits a few inches off the ground and the door continues closing, the door’s sensor might need fixing. Contact a professional to repair malfunctioning safety features to ensure everything is repaired correctly. 

Tracks, rollers and guides should be cleaned, clear of debris and lubricated to keep them functioning correctly. Check and test cables and springs for breakage or separation from the spool. Check the manufacturer guide for routine inspection schedules for the best results. 

5. Open and Close the Door Completely

Another tip for commercial garage safety is to make sure you and your employees open and close the doors fully each time. The door’s springs and other components are under lots of tension when the door is only partially closed or open. This pressure can lead to more wear and tear, causing strain and damage more quickly. The more wear and tear on your garage door, the sooner it will need repairing or replacing.

6. Keep Clear of Operating Overhead Doors 

In addition to ensuring all employees are aware of proper safety guidelines, keep all people, vehicles and objects away from the garage door while it’s operating. While entries have built-in safety features, sometimes machinery fails, or accidents happen. Keep everyone as safe as possible by avoiding the doors while they’re open, and consider using signage to indicate safety and danger zones.

Along with people and vehicles, garage door operators should watch for loose clothing or accessories while the doors are in motion. Sleeves, hats, scarves and other loose items can get caught in the door mechanisms or tracks. To reduce the chances of injury, have all operators and nearby workers keep their hands and feet away from the components. Review these measures with everyone using the facility to help prevent safety concerns. 

7. Contact Professionals for Repairs

Always contact a professional to provide your commercial garage doors if you want the best service and safest repair. It can be tempting to try overhead door repair yourself, but this comes with its own safety concerns, and you could end up wasting time and money on an incorrect fix. Trained technicians quickly diagnose the door’s issue and safely perform any necessary maintenance. 

While fixing commercial doors yourself can be dangerous, it can also create more problems. Issues with industrial garage doors can occur for many reasons, which may not always seem obvious to you. A situation like a garage door not opening and closing properly can have several causes. Attempting to fix it yourself can lead to further injuries and damage, increasing the cost of the eventual professional work. 

8. Be Prepared

Even facilities that follow the best safety standards may still experience issues. Always be prepared in case of an accident. Keep first aid kits nearby for injuries, and have emergency plans for any situation. Train your employees on emergency and accident procedures to prepare everyone in case of an accident or other situation. 

Contact BlackHawk Garage Door for Professional Support

Keep your commercial overhead doors maintained and your employees protected with professional repair services. Trust BlackHawk Garage Door for safe, high-quality commercial garage door installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services. Our team is dedicated to providing businesses in parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin with reliable garage door maintenance and repairs.

Our experienced technicians will quickly and affordably work to fix your commercial doors, so your facility can get back up and running safely with minimal garage door downtime. You depend on your garage doors to secure your business and perform reliably, so give them the safest, best services possible. Contact us to schedule a commercial door service or repair today.

Considering Painting Your Garage Floor? Here’s What to Know

Garage floor painting will cross many homeowners’ minds at some point. With the constant wear the typical garage floor receives, it can soon start to look weathered, dirty and old. For some, painting over this floor might seem like the obvious solution. This article covers the various advantages and disadvantages of painting a garage floor by yourself, as well as the other options you can choose. 

DIY Paint Your Garage Floor

When you’re deciding between DIY vs. professional garage flooring options, you’ll want to look at the pros and cons of attempting to paint the floor yourself. It’s a tall task, so it’s helpful to understand what you’re getting into. 


A DIY garage floor paint project does come with various benefits, including: 

  • Affordability: In most cases, it’s usually pretty cheap to paint your floor on your own. A couple of gallons of paint and a few tools and you should be ready to go. 
  • Cleanliness: Adding a coat of paint to your garage floor can help keep the rest of the area clean. An old concrete garage floor can attract dust and dirt, which could transfer to cars and tools. With a new coat of paint, you can cut down on some of this added dirt and keep your garage looking fresh. The cleaning process itself will be much easier, as well — just grab a mop and run it over the surface a few times to get it sparkling new. 
  • Protection: Garages are a common place for oil spills, chemicals and mold. With the right paint, you can add a layer of protection to your floors, making it much easier to clean up these spills and defend against damage.
  • Aesthetic: Painting your garage floors will also make them look better. You won’t have that old, dirty floor anymore, and instead, you can look at a sleek paint job. With the DIY option, you can make your floor exactly like you want, fit to your exact specifications. It will add a modern, more polished look to your garage that you’ll be proud to look at every time you walk in. 


Painting your garage floors on your own might seem appealing, but it comes with many hidden challenges that you might not consider at first. Before you start on a project, you should know the cons of DIY garage floors so you can make an informed decision about what you really want to do.

  • Short life span: Paint wears down quickly, especially in the presence of so much wear. With cars constantly coming in and out, your paint can begin to chip and flake in a short time. After you’ve put all the time and effort into painting, you could start to see your job crumble before your eyes. Garage floor sealing can help stop the weathering process to an extent, but the chemicals involved are potentially dangerous and best left to a trained professional. 
  • Potentially harmful: As the paint job starts to break down and crumble, those particles will turn into dust and enter the garage’s air. When you enter, you could inhale these particles, which could harm your health. 
  • Time and money: The DIY options always shared a common disadvantage — time. It will take time to figure out how to paint your garage floor, choose what paint to use and do the actual job. If you enjoy the process, this could be an advantage. However, most people would rather spend this time with friends and family or doing another activity. Additionally, because you’ll likely have to repaint often to prevent wear, you’ll have to spend a decent amount of money on each job. You’ll want to weigh this against the option of hiring a professional service, which would use quality materials to do a job that’s lasting and efficient. 
  • Amateur look: If you’re new to painting floors or haven’t done it very often, your finished product could end up looking differently than you envisioned. Even though you’re the one doing the painting, it might not live up to your expectations, whereas professionals will have the skills and experience to give you the look you want. 
  • Challenging: Many people might think painting a garage floor is easy, but it’s a fairly challenging endeavor. It starts before the painting begins — patching holes and cracks, sanding and ensuring you have a smooth surface to paint or seal. Adding an even coat can be difficult and something you should consider before beginning. 

Consider the Benefits of Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

With all of the challenges of DIY garage floor painting, it’s beneficial to look at other options. Professional services like BlackHawk Garage Door can provide high-quality materials and expert work that offer advantages you won’t find in regular paints. At BlackHawk Garage Door, our polyurea garage floor coating provides many benefits, including durability, longevity and safety. Polyurea floor coatings are also easier to maintain and can ultimately save you time and money. 

  • Durability: Polyurea coatings mend cracked, chipped and uneven surfaces and offer a barrier against chemicals, moisture and pests. In a garage setting, this durability is essential — with the amount of wear your floor will experience, you need a coating you can trust. Polyurea is a highly elastic material, accommodating expansion and contraction so your floor won’t split in cold weather. 
  • Longevity: Because of their durability, polyurea garage coatings will last longer. Instead of paint jobs that will crack and flake over time, polyurea coatings will stay strong for longer, keeping your garage looking nice and keeping you from having to add a new coat. 
  • Safety: Polyurea coatings are USDA-approved 100% antibacterial and antimicrobial, making them excellent for homes, restaurants, hospitals and more. 
  • Maintenance: These coatings are easy to clean and keep dust at bay, so you’ll have to spend less time cleaning. Unlike painted floors which chip and flake and make your floor look weathered, polyurea coatings retain a smooth look that you’ll be proud to display. 
  • Time and money: Polyurea coatings can even save you time and money. Instead of having to make frequent replacements and constantly clean up, you’ll have a durable, lasting floor coating that requires less maintenance. You can stop putting time into your garage floor and spend it on the things that truly matter. 

Reach Out to Our Team of Professionals at BlackHawk Garage Door 

Polyurea coatings have many advantages, and these benefits could start to look very appealing when you consider all the challenges of a DIY garage floor painting project. Save time and money and reach out to our expert team at BlackHawk Garage Door. Contact us today!

4 Unique Uses of Glass Garage Doors

4 Unique Uses of Glass Garage Doors

As the years have progressed, garage doors are evolving and becoming more popular. Gone are the days where garage doors had to be just your standard dull and neutral colors. Boosting “curb appeal” has become more popular and people are more interested in adding the best trends to their houses to make their garage look more attractive and unique. After all, when your home looks attractive and well kept, it can bring in a lot more interest if you are after an offer.

Glass garage doors have multiple uses and some of them will leave you in awe of the modernization and contemporary style they bring. 

There are many unique residential and commercial uses of glass garage doors that are quickly becoming trendsetters. These trends include glass garage doors for restaurants, outdoor/indoor living, chicken coops, greenhouses, pool sheds, gardens, commercial space and many more. Let us have a look at four of these designs with glass garage doors here. 

Glass Garage Door Options

Glass garage doors are minimalistic and low maintenance, and they have an aesthetically pleasing look. Bring extra natural light into your garage or space with these beautifully designed door options. Now that you have caught on to the latest garage door trends, you may be asking yourself what designs glass garage doors come in or their uses. We will jump into some great uses of glass garage doors and help you decide which will be best for you. 

1. Indoor/Outdoor Living for Modern Homes

Glass garage doors for indoor and outdoor living maximize living space and naturally reduce the amount of electricity needed to light up a room. Converting a garage into a room, home office or studio has become very common, and glass garage doors have become the new trend to modernize your indoor and outdoor areas. 

What are the benefits?

  • Customizability: Glass garage doors are completely customizable and can come in clear, frosted or mirrored glass for increased privacy depending on your design and what you want to use your glass garage door for. 
  • Low-maintenance: You do not have to worry about the high maintenance costs that often accompany wooden or steel doors. Glass garage doors are unique because glass cannot rust when exposed to the elements. Ensuring you have commercial-grade aluminum framing that resists rust will be an important start. The great aspect about aluminum framing is that you can customize it with many different colors!
  • Insulation: Glass garage doors can have insulation incorporated into them to prepare for extreme weather conditions properly. 
  • ROI: The cost of glass garage doors should be seen as an investment that will increase your home’s resell value and give your living space that extra wow factor it may not have had before. Adding a high-quality fixture to your property can only bring a return on investment (ROI)!

2. Patio Seating With Glass Doors for Restaurants

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only can you have glass garage doors for interior use in your home, but you can also incorporate them into your restaurant design for your patio seating area or for a more stylish look as a whole.

There are several ways that you can use glass garage doors for your restaurant, such as:

  • Full-view glass garage doors, which are beautiful and modern and can separate the outside from the inside of your restaurant. These doors are perfect if you have an outside bar that you want to close up during bad weather conditions. 
  • Full floor-to-ceiling glass garage doors opening up onto an outdoor patio seating in place of a garage. This design is great to accommodate warmer days. 
  • A glass window area in place of roll-up garage doors to open up the inside to the outdoors. With this method, you can bring in more light and give your restaurant a trendy modern look.

Benefits of glass garage doors for restaurants:

  • Maximize the space you have between your outdoor and indoor restaurant spaces.
  • Use glass garage doors as a movable wall or partition in commercial settings.
  • Enjoy gaining extra seating all year round by allowing for cold and hot weather.
  • Suit your restaurant style with unlimited customization options.
  • Showcase your restaurant and set yourself apart from your competition.

3. Pool Shed Glass Door

Impressed with your neighbor’s new pool shed glass door? These are quickly becoming the latest trend, proving that glass garage door uses are not only limited to garages. Customize your designs to use as you like. You can give your whole outdoor pool area a modern makeover with pool shed glass garage doors. They can function as a partition to make an extra outdoor space that can be used for socializing in both warm and colder weather. 

Glass garage doors show how versatile they are due to being highly customizable, as they will make an excellent addition to any garden, pool or home.

Glass garage doors show how versatile they are due to being highly customizable, as they will make an excellent addition to any garden, pool or home.

4. Gardens, Chicken Coops and Greenhouses

Gone are the days of owning a shabby-looking chicken coop. Spruce up your coop, garden or greenhouse with a contemporary-styled glass garage door. Or, if you really want to embrace your inner gardener, you can convert your garage into a greenhouse by installing glass garage doors, which can be a more cost-effective solution. 

Thinking of weather control for your greenhouse? Installing insulation can help with temperature regulation. The unique aspect of using glass garage doors for your greenhouse is that you can customize your setup exactly to what you want. 

As chicken coops become more popular, consider incorporating glass garage doors and windows. These features, which slide up easily, will give you an easy-to-use chicken shed that brings natural light and gives greenhouse effects for a warm winter abode that your chicks will enjoy!

Benefits of using glass garage doors for your chicken coop:

  • Natural light with greenhouse effect for a warmer winter.
  • Less maintenance on your chicken coop.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning glass is a lot easier than wood.
  • An easier to open ventilation system for your chicks in warmer months. 
  • A modern and neat styled shed in your garden.

Contact BlackHawk Garage Door Today

As you can see, there are many unique glass garage door uses for your home and you may be stumped on where to start. At BlackHawk Garage Door, we offer professional and expert advice to assist you in your decision-making process to take the stress and inconvenience out for you. 

Browse our selection of residential garage doors or take a look at our commercial garage door options and contact BlackHawk Garage Door to schedule your renovation project, whether it includes a glass garage door, a front door or both.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Garage Door

Buying the perfect accents and accessories for your home is can be overwhelming, but it’s critical to maintaining the home’s style and value. It’s so important to pick what will match the best while also providing the necessary elements to fit your home. Picking the perfect garage door is no different. And with some many different options available to you, it can be hard to make your decision. 

With the help of BlackHawk Garage Door, you can find the perfect garage door for your home!

7 Things to Consider When Buying a Garage Door

7 Things to Consider When Buying a Garage Door

To be able to pick the best garage door, there are some things you need to keep in mind. 

  1. Home style. You obviously won’t want to pick a garage door that completely clashes with the style of your home. If you have a modern-style home, you’ll want a modern-style door. If you have a rustic home, you’ll want a rustic door. Consider a carriage-house-style door to enhance the beauty of a traditional home.
  2. Finish. Your garage door takes up a decent amount of the exterior of the home, so you’re going to want to pay attention to the finish. Now, you can use the garage door to make a statement with a unique color or design, or you can pick a certain color to accent the home. Just make good use of the finish you choose. 
  3. Windows. Some garage doors have windows included and some don’t. Think about the windows and whether having them will affect your garage. Additionally, if you live in an area that experiences lots of high-wind-related storms, there are impact-resistant windows to consider. 
  4. Insulation. If you use your garage as a workspace of any kind, you should pay attention to the insulation. It can keep the heat or cold from coming in, which can save energy and money down the road. 
  5. Material. There are several different materials to choose from when it comes to a garage door. Most people will choose a material based on their own style preferences, but you should consider other needs, such as durability, when selecting a garage door material. Consider the following choices:
    • Steel — Steel is a highly durable option for garage doors, and it can be manufactured with the beauty and symmetry of wood. It’s also available in a variety of finishes.

    • Traditional Wood— There’s really no substitute for the luxury of a handcrafted wood door in hemlock, redwood, or cedar to make your home stand out. 

    • Glass— For a sleek, modern aesthetic and a bright, airy space, consider glass-paneled doors.

    • Classic aluminum — These standard garage door have persisted for a reason. They offer a great balance of quality and value that complements many home styles, and they’re affordable.

  6. Size. You will definitely need to pay attention to the door sizing. Most doors are similar heights of 7-8 feet. However, there are doors for one-car or two-car garages. You have the availability to have a taller door made if you need. Some homes have a three-car garage, but they use three separate doors. No matter your situation, you need to take precise measurements or better yet, work with a professional who will handle the technical aspects for you. Proper size is essential for both the fit and function of the door.
  7. Hardware used. We’ve previously mentioned high wind exposure. If you’re in an area that experiences lots of wind, you’ll want to find a heavier duty garage door. Also, you can’t forget about the tracks and other hardware for your garage door. You’ll want to really focus on these things for smooth operation and to ensure you aren’t making repairs or adjustments constantly. 

Picking a garage door is not as straightforward as picking a color and style that you like. There are many other factors to consider to make sure you find the perfect door that will perform properly for many years to come. 

Tips to Remember When Buying a Garage Door

In addition to the considerations listed above, some additional tips will help you find the garage door you’ll be happiest with. A home garage door is a significant investment, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure you’ve made the best possible choice. 

  1. Where do I live? It is so important to consider where you live when garage door shopping. If you live somewhere that is prone to hurricanes, you need a door that can withstand those high winds. If you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, investing in a more insulated door will make for a more comfortable garage in the hottest and coldest months.
  2. Curb appeal. Your home makes a personal statement about your design choices, and since it takes up so much space, your garage door is a big part of that. Complementing the design of your home is important, especially if there’s a chance you’ll sell the property in the future.
  3. Your budget. Garage doors are a higher-priced renovation project, so it’s important to balance quality with what you’ve allocated for the replacement door. Once you have settled on a number, a garage-door professional can show you options in your price range.
  4. Don’t forget about the maintenance. Some materials require more maintenance than others. A wooden door might require more upkeep than metal, for example. Ask your professional what’s involved. If a wood door will take more time that you can spare, you might want a steel door with a faux-wood finish.
  5. Installation.  Installing a garage door properly is just as important as choosing the right door. It’s a complex process not well-suited to DIY, so contact a professional to make sure your new door will operate smoothly and safely. We offer installation services for residential and commercial buildings in a number of areas. 


Trust the Experts at BlackHawk Garage Door

At BlackHawk Garage Door, we can help you find the perfect garage door for your home or commercial building, and we can also install and maintain it properly. We can also help with repairs! Whether you need maintenance or repair for your garage door, door opener or the springs associated with your door, BlackHawk’s excellent techs have years of experience and will have your door running smoothly in no time. We can also help when it comes to your garage flooring with our polyurea floor coatings, which are slip-resistant. 

Trust the Experts at BlackHawk Garage Door

If you need any assistance or are interested in our products and services, you can give us a call at (715) 688-3200 or fill out the contact us form on our website. Let us help with your garage door needs today!

How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter in the Midwest

How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter in the Midwest

As the winter season approaches, you might be getting ready to prep your home for the cold. One thing you need on your to-do list is winterizing your garage door. It could be costly if you overlook this task or put it off until it’s too late. 

Your garage door is exposed to rain, sleet, snow and other adverse weather. Without the proper winter garage door maintenance, cold temperatures can cause your door to wear out faster and not operate as it should. 

How Can Cold Weather Affect Your Garage Door? 

During the winter in Wisconsin and Minnesota, temperatures can drop well below zero. These extreme temperatures can cause the door’s metal parts — especially screws, tracks and springs — to contract. This can make it difficult to open and close your garage door when you need to and make these metal parts more susceptible to warping and breaking. 

Without a winterized garage door, you might not be able to close or open it during a snowstorm or deep freeze. If you can’t close your garage door properly, the cold can seep into your home’s living area. Additionally, you may not be able to open your door when you need to leave your home. 

How to Winterize Your Garage Door

There are plenty of proactive steps you can take now that will help prevent garage door damage that can occur in cold temperatures. Some of these steps can be done year-round, but they are most effective if you complete them just before winter arrives. It is much easier to take these actions now than it is to get your garage door fixed in the middle of a snowstorm. 

Here are seven ways to winterize your garage door and help protect it from sustaining damage this winter. 

1. Check the Door and Tracks

Stand outside and watch your door open and close a few times, listening closely to how it sounds and moves. If you hear the door catch or if it doesn’t move smoothly, it can be an indication that something is not working correctly. 

Checking the tracks and the door is something you can do on your own, but you can also ask a professional to inspect your door. Then, if there’s an issue, they can repair it right away.

2. Lubricate the Moving Parts of the Door

This is another step that you can easily do on your own. Lubricate any of the moving parts, like bearings, hinges and springs.

Spray lubricant is a convenient option, but if you don’t have access to any, a few drops of standard engine oil is a good substitute. This will help your door open and close smoothly. Be sure to avoid using grease, though. It can make the tracks sticky and more prone to collecting dust and other debris. 

3. Ensure the Weather Stripping Creates a Proper Seal

If you stand in front of your closed garage door and see light coming through the weather stripping, that means your weather stripping doesn’t have a proper seal. It won’t be able to keep the cold air from entering your home — or keep the warm air from escaping to the outside. To ensure maximum comfort during the winter, you might consider replacing your weather stripping. 

Use a standard household all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the weather stripping.

Even if the weather stripping seems to be in good shape, you still might want to give it a thorough cleaning. Dirt and grime can build up throughout the year and create a poor seal as well. Use a standard household all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the weather stripping. 

4. Organize Your Garage

After the warmer weather, your winter items are probably buried and not easily accessible. Ensure items like snow shovels and snow blowers are shifted to the front of the garage so that you can easily access them when the snow sets in. You won’t want to get everything out of the back of your garage when you already have to dig your car and driveway out of the snow.

5. Test the Door’s Balance

If the garage door isn’t balanced, it can make your garage door opener work harder. When this happens, your door may not function correctly or last as long as it normally would — and the effects of being unbalanced can be exacerbated by colder temperatures.

To see if your door is balanced, disconnect it from the opener and manually move it up and down two or three times to ensure nothing is obstructing the track. Then, push the door halfway up. If it stays put with only slight back and forth movement, then it’s most likely balanced. However, if it rolls up or falls down quickly, then it’s not balanced.

You’ll want to get this fixed since unbalanced doors often have a loss of tension in the springs. If the springs break entirely, they can cause even more damage, both to your garage door and potentially even to items you have in your garage.

The best option is to let a professional repair your door since working with torsion springs can be dangerous if you don’t know how to do it correctly. An unbalanced door can also be a sign of an underlying problem that a skilled technician would be able to identify.

6. Inspect and Clean the Surface of the Door 

Dirt build-up can damage the surface of your garage door, leading to problems with it opening and closing properly. It can also decrease the lifespan of your door. 

Use a brush and soap to scrub the door’s surface. If you see chips or cracks, consider giving it a coat of stain or paint. Fresh stain or paint is also more effective in protecting the door against winter weather.

7. Ensure the Photo Eye Sensors Are Clean and Free of Debris

The photo eye sensors on your garage door are designed to keep the door from closing with something underneath, like a person or a car. If you don’t maintain the sensors, though, they won’t operate effectively. Even dust can keep them from working right. 

Keep the senors clean and items away from them so that they can work as best as they can. If you have an older garage door that doesn’t have photo eye sensors, consider upgrading to a new garage door that does. This added safety feature could protect you and your loved ones from potentially being injured or experiencing property damage should your garage door malfunction.

Contact the Professionals at BlackHawk Garage Door

With these tips, you can check certain functions of your garage door to see if they’re working as they should be — but there’s only so much you can do on your own.

BlackHawk Garage Door is a locally owned company providing efficient services and high-quality products. We serve over 10 counties in western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities

Contact us today, and schedule the service you need to get your garage door ready for this upcoming winter season.

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9 Tips to Repurpose Your Old Garage Door 

9 Tips to Repurpose Your Old Garage Door 

Installing a new garage door will improve the functionality and appearance of your home. When your old garage door comes off, you may wonder what to do with it.

Instead of throwing it away, you can reuse your old garage door to make beautiful decorations and accent pieces for your home. You can transform a worn-out aluminum, fiberglass, solid wood or steel garage door into something new and exciting. This guide will explain nine tips for repurposing garage doors so that you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. 

9 Garage Ideas To Repurpose Your Old Garage Door

Once you’ve chosen a new garage door, you can start brainstorming ideas on how to recycle your old garage door. It might be hard to picture them as anything else, but there are many other uses for garage doors. You can make unique home decor or more practical items — the possibilities are endless! Here are some creative ways to reuse your old garage door: 

1. Raised Flower Beds

First on this list of tips for reusing your old garage door is to create raised flower beds. Replacing your old garage door can provide the materials to create raised flower beds that add some style to your backyard. This project works with any garage door that has four separate panels. 

Once the panels have been separated and cut to your desired size, the assembly process is simple. Arrange the pieces into a square shape and screw them together. You can use a scrap piece of wood or an aluminum angle to connect the corners. 

When the raised beds are complete, all you have to do is fill them with soil. Now you can use them to plant beautiful flowers or fresh vegetables and herbs to use in the kitchen. 

2. Outdoor Bench

You can transform an old wooden garage door into a charming outdoor bench in a few easy steps. Choose one full panel for the seat portion of your bench. If you would like to add a back to your bench, you can use another panel or prop it against a wall for support. 

To create the legs of your bench, you can use another piece of paneling to cut out identical square supports. You can use three or four for extra strength. Now, all you have to do is attach your legs to the bottom of the seat panel. Once it’s finished, you’ll have a rustic outdoor bench where you can relax and unwind. 

3. Privacy Screen 

This idea might be the easiest project of them all. You can repurpose your old garage door into a privacy screen by standing up your garage door where you want additional privacy. You can use scrap wood or cinderblocks to help hold it in place. 

If your old garage door is out of style, you can add a fresh coat of paint and decorate it with large plants and outdoor string lights. With a few simple accessories, it won’t even look like a garage door anymore!

Unique Headboard

4. Unique Headboard

Vintage garage doors often have interesting paneling and unique designs. If you love the look of your old garage door, you can use it to create a one-of-a-kind headboard for your bedroom. 

Choose a section that you want to use as your headboard and cut it to the appropriate size. If it’s a small garage door, you might be able to use three or four panels without making any cuts. You can paint or upholster the panels for a customized design. 

Use sturdy brackets to attach your finished headboard to the wall so that it’s safe and secure. 

5. Chalk Board

If your garage door panels have a classic grid pattern, you can use them to create a row of chalkboards. Take one panel of your garage door and paint each square with chalkboard paint. You can leave the edges plain or paint them to match your personal style. 

Once the paint is dry, you can attach the panel to the wall using a sturdy bracket. Now all you need is some chalk, and you can start writing store lists, weekly schedules and love notes on your brand new chalkboards! 

6. Shabby Chic Greenhouse 

While it might take some time and additional supplies, you can create your own greenhouse using the window panels of your old garage door. You can keep it simple and make a miniature greenhouse by attaching your window panels vertically. The small rectangular box can hold a few plants for growing herbs and flowers all year round. 

If you want a more elaborate greenhouse, you can use the glass window panels from your garage door with other glass materials to make a larger planting shed. If you’ve ever replaced the windows on your home, you can use the old ones for this project as well. 

7. Custom Artwork 

An old garage door panel is like a blank canvas that you can use to express your creativity. You can paint, tile, stain or carve your old garage door to create a unique piece of art to decorate your home. A wooden panel can add a natural touch to the living room, or a steel door can give your office an industrial aesthetic. You can keep it simple or do something dramatic — it’s up to you! 

8. Coat Rack 

An old garage door panel is perfect for creating a statement coat rack inside the entryway. You can start by painting or staining the panel to your desired color. If you would like to add a shelf, you can attach a piece of wood to the top half of the panel. 

Next, add the hooks. You can choose a hook that matches your personal style and looks decorative when there’s nothing on the rack. Screw the hooks to your garage door panel with several inches in between so there is room to hang large coats and hats. 

Now you can mount your new coat rack and start hanging things up! 

9. Book Shelf 

With a few tools and basic carpentry skills, you can make your own custom shelving for free by repurposing your old garage door. You can use the entire door as the back of a large bookcase or divide the wooden panels to create individual shelves. Once they’re complete, you can use them to display your books or stylish home decor. 

Replacing Your Old Garage Door 

Before you can start repurposing your old garage door, you need to install a new one. BlackHawk Garage Door offers a wide selection of beautiful garage doors in long-lasting materials, with customizable options such as insulation. Our Clopay and C.H.I. garage doors provide superior function and curb appeal. 

BlackHawk Garage Door is a family-owned business that you can trust. Our expert technicians have over 10 years of experience. We pride ourselves on pleasing our customers with honest and professional customer service. We’ll help you enhance your home with a gorgeous new garage door. Contact us today for a free estimate! 

Replacing Your Old Garage Door

Guide to Improving Curb Appeal

Homeowners want to boost their curb appeal for many reasons. One of the most common is the fact that curb appeal is helpful in the real estate market. When a home looks attractive and well-kept from the outside, it brings more buyers in the door for open houses and tours. With more interest, you’re more likely to get an offer, or even several.

Other homeowners are ready to update their home’s look. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve shown your property some love. Or perhaps you want a home that will impress your guests and rival some of the others in your neighborhood. Your house is something to take pride in, and making a few renovations now and then is one way to give it the care it deserves.

Whether you’re ready to sell soon or are looking forward to enjoying many more years in your home, boosting your curb appeal offers many benefits. So let’s talk about some of the high-impact renovations that will make your home’s exterior look its best.

6 Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

Upgrading your home’s exterior has so many possibilities. A few quick updates can improve your home’s appearance on a tight budget, while some more extensive projects can impress your guests and make you appreciate your house every time you come home.

Here’s how to improve curb appeal with a few simple tips.

1. Do Some Landscaping

Landscaping can be a low-cost way to make your home look more put together. Mowing the grass, trimming the hedges and laying a fresh bed of mulch may be all you need to spruce up your front lawn. Even putting in a few lights to illuminate some of your existing plants can give your yard a more sophisticated look. If you’re in the market for a magazine-worthy front lawn, you can hire a professional landscaper. They’ll design an attractive layout, plant some new greenery and decorative features and ensure your property looks perfectly manicured.

Landscaping can increase a home’s value by 5.5 to 12.7%, depending on the type of landscaping involved.

2. Install a New Garage Door

Putting in a new garage door is one of our favorite ways to boost curb appeal. If it faces the street, your garage door takes up a large portion of your façade. And since it’s usually a different color from your primary siding or paint color, it acts as a strong focal point. A new overhead door can make your whole home look brand-new. It can also offer benefits outside of aesthetics, such as increased security.

If you haven’t shopped for garage doors in a while, you’ll soon notice how many styles and colors there are to choose from. Between traditional carriage house doors, classic sectional doors and sleek modern doors like glass garage doors, there’s a style to fit every home. Wood or faux-wood doors can give your home a warm, inviting charm. Steel doors can provide a contemporary or traditional look, depending on the design. To see everything a new garage door can do for your home, visit our Door Imagination System and picture how some of our models will look on your home. You also have the option of adding insulation, which can be extremely beneficial in colder weather.

Another fun way to improve your garage is to add a retractable garage door screen, like the one we offer from Lifestyle. This upgrade is beneficial for homeowners who use their garage as a living space. It turns your garage into a screened-in porch, so you and your family can enjoy some fresh air. You can set up some porch furniture for curb appeal, so your garage looks its best whether you keep the door open or closed.

3. Give Your New Garage Door a Complementary Entry Door

While you’re upgrading your garage, why not get a new front door, too? When you buy the two together, you can select complementary styles and colors that will give your home’s architectural elements a uniform, attractive look. Updating your main entryway is a common suggestion to boost curb appeal because the front door is the home’s natural focal point. At BlackHawk Garage Door, we offer several attractive entry door collections designed to complement some of our most popular Clopay garage doors.

4. Replace Your Mailbox

One of the most straightforward curb appeal tips you can take care of over a weekend is to install a new mailbox. It’s often the first thing visitors see when they pull into your driveway. People coming for the first time usually look for your street address printed on the mailbox. Replacing a dented, rusty or chipped mailbox with a new one helps you make that first impression count. Also, consider dressing up the area around the post with some stones, flowering plants or other decorative features to make it look more welcoming.

5. Repave the Driveway

There’s nothing like fresh blacktop to make a home look new again. Newly paved asphalt has an unparalleled rich blackness that draws the eye toward it. You’ll also remove cracks and smooth out any ridges or dents that have formed over time. If it’s not quite time for a brand-new driveway — most last around 25 years with proper care — you can also consider seal coating or resurfacing.

Seal coating fills in cracks and restores the deep black color of faded pavement. Resurfacing adds a new top layer of asphalt to fill in shallow cracks and dips in the pavement.

6. Spruce up the Front Porch or Stoop

The area framing your front door is also crucial, as it’s highly visible from the street. If you’re in the market to sell your home, think about how many buyers will stand on your front porch as they’re waiting to tour the property. Refreshing your stoop is a crucial focus area when investing in curb appeal. There are also many ways to add charm and beauty to your grand entry. Some tips for improving curb appeal on your front porch include:

  • Repaint or re-stain the deck and railing.
  • Install new lights and other fixtures.
  • Frame your door with two matching potted plants and add touches of green with hanging planters or flower boxes.
  • Set up new outdoor furniture or replace the throw pillows.
  • Update your house numbers.
  • Place down a new welcome mat.

The ROI of Curb Appeal Improvements

Homeowners focused on curb appeal know that exterior renovations can boost their home’s resale value. Besides how to boost curb appeal, many people wonder how much they can recoup on their investments. Which investments offer the highest ROI? We recently reported on some of the highest-ROI renovations in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area, and all of them will make your home look more attractive. Here’s what you can expect from some of the most profitable exterior improvements.

  • Garage door: Garage doors top the list with the highest curb appeal ROI. According to the national average, they recoup 94.5% of their value at resale.
  • New siding: Replacing your siding is a logical runner-up because it covers the largest portion of your home. New siding can give your home a more vibrant color and remove any cracks or imperfections in the old siding. According to reports for our area, these projects return 68.5% of their value at resale.
  • Stone veneer: A manufactured stone veneer offers the natural stone look at a much more affordable price. As such, it can boost curb appeal without requiring a significant upfront investment. At resale, you’ll recoup 67.7% of the cost.
  • Entry door: Replacing your entry door is an excellent way to increase a garage door’s replacement value. When you do both at once and choose similar designs, they create a cohesive look, adding to the resale value over replacing the garage door alone.
  • Windows: Windows are an excellent investment to attract buyers with curb appeal and entice the energy-conscious buyer, too, by giving your home better insulation. In our area, replacing all your windows will recoup an average of 65.4% of the total project cost.

Contact BlackHawk Garage Door to Boost Your Minnesota and Wisconsin Curb Appeal

Installing a new garage door is one of the best exterior renovation tips on our list because it can improve curb appeal and provide other valuable benefits. For example, installing an insulated garage door increases energy efficiency, saves you money and makes your garage more comfortable. A new garage door will operate smoothly and provide added convenience. Best of all, it makes your home look more inviting with attractive design elements.

Browse our selection of garage doors and contact BlackHawk Garage Door to schedule your renovation project, whether it includes a garage door, a front door or both.

How to Choose a Garage Door for Your Home

Garage doors add significant value to your home. Whether you’re a recent homeowner or you want to revitalize a house you’ve lived in for a while, a new garage door may be the perfect upgrade. With regular maintenance and an updated door, your garage can elevate your home on the real estate market and improve your quality of life.

You want to choose a garage door with function, design and affordability in mind and ensure a result that meets all your home’s needs. Our garage door buying advice will prepare you for every detail — from the top garage door styles to the critical components for an ideal budget. When it’s time to make the switch, feel confident in every step of the process with our additional tips for buying a garage door, taking measurements and hiring professional installation services.

Garage Door Buying Guide

Fall back in love with your home when you replace your garage door and expect a multitude of benefits, including:

  • A boost to your curb appeal, security and efficiency.
  • Improved comfort and convenience.
  • A higher return on investment at resale.

Our buying guide will help you achieve these benefits and more with a new garage door.

Function and Design

When buying new garage doors, remember that function and design go hand in hand. Reach a balance that works for you by choosing the perfect style and finish. Consider how windows can enhance your home’s value with various treatment options to match any design. Incorporate your favorite selections into a practical, fashionable product you’ll love.


Your garage door’s style should reflect your taste and your home’s architecture. When you choose from a wide selection of styles, including our timeless raised-panel, carriage house and contemporary garage doors, you will find a design that simultaneously satisfies the personal and the functional.

Consider starting your search with styles that best fit your home’s structure. For example, full-view style doors are excellent for modern design, while homeowners with Victorian architecture generally prefer carriage-house doors.

Remember, the choice is ultimately yours. You can install garage doors in any style, so embrace the one you love. Feel comforted by the appealing, custom design of your new garage every time you return home.


Set your property apart with a fun and fashionable finish for your door. Your garage door is a significant portion of your home’s exterior, so captivate yourself and your guests with a color that will keep you interested.

Your choice can be as distinctive or fundamental as you want with our wide range of bold hues and natural wood finishes. We use Clopay’s Color Blast® program to offer you 1,500 Sherwin-Williams® colors, so you’re sure to select a shade worthy of your home. A natural wood finish or a custom tint can provide the ideal appearance to any material or complement any style.

Residential garage doors may experience a range of climates. Choose from different finishes built to withstand various weather conditions. BlackHawk Garage Door professionals can advise you on what finishes hold up best in your area and ensure you receive a functional, cost-effective look you love. The Imagination Design app on their website allows you to visualize what the doors will look like on your home, be sure to check that option out on their homepage.


Customize your garage door with windows and benefit from their unique capabilities. The natural light from windows will visually open any space and create a welcoming atmosphere. Add windows to any style garage door — you can enhance modern homes or rustic farmhouses with tasteful garage door window placement.

If you live in an area that experiences frequent storms or high winds, consider the practical option of impact-resistant glass. Glass obscurity options provide style and sunlight to your garage while ensuring your privacy and security remain intact.


Your budget is essential to create the best custom door for your home. A new garage door’s cost depends on various factors. In addition to the choices you make in style, finish and any window selections, the insulation, material, hardware, size and other needs of your garage door can affect its final price tag. When setting a budget, every homeowner will have distinct priorities rooted in personal, environmental and structural requirements.

Consider what is necessary for a garage door in your area — what will improve your quality of life? Factors that most homeowners consider when choosing a budget include:

  • The door’s aesthetic appeal.
  • The impact of insulation and the creation of a more energy-efficient home.
  • The durability required for the environment and conditions it may face.
  • The invariable factors, such as garage door size and the number of doors.

Additional improvements may be more beneficial in the long run, with better durability, energy efficiency and quieter operation. Popular garage door options tend to have an attractive style that boosts home value and can range in price — from under $1,000 to $4,000 and beyond — depending on the size and number of garage doors. Carefully consider how much you’re willing to invest for a fully custom garage door with everything you need.


An insulated garage door will significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency and comfort level. When you insulate your door, you limit the transfer of warm or cool air from your garage to the outside — saving you energy and money. Homeowners who use their garage for work or storage should consider how insulation can protect property and maintain an overall comfortable environment. Most garage doors will offer insulation options, so it’s worth thinking about.


Most homeowners will choose a garage door’s material based on style preferences and durability.

Showcase natural wood from various species like hemlock, redwood or cedar. Enjoy a handcrafted, natural style when you choose a Classic™ Wood garage door for your home. Homeowners in need of a durable door will appreciate our range of steel garage doors. An Ultra-Grain wood finish on any steel door option can easily replicate natural wood’s beautiful appearance. This choice is excellent for minimal upkeep and increased durability.


Regions prone to high winds can take advantage of Clopay’s WindCode® garage doors rated for different wind speeds. These doors contain built-in hardware for an efficient and secure design. Know your home is safe against high winds when you lock your Storm Ready® door without any need for additional reinforcement.

The tracks can be as crucial to your garage door as the style and finish. They guide your garage door rollers and ensure smooth movements. Improve functionality and convenience with the right tracks for your door. BlackHawk Garage Door can let you know which track options would best suit your garage’s layout and needs, then take measurements to ensure a fully operational door.

Garage Door Size

A typical single-car garage door measures 7′ to 8′ high and 8′ to 9′ wide. Double-car garage doors are generally of a similar height with a width of 16′. Whether your garage door fits these standard measurements or happens to be a non-standard size, BlackHawk Garage Door can accommodate custom sizing and will ensure a perfectly fitted door.

Record your existing garage door’s measurements to install an upgrade with a secure fit.

  • Height and width: Measure the height and width of your garage’s framed opening without including stop molding. The garage door’s size will equal this measurement.
  • Side room: Measure the available space at the left and right sides of your door. Different spring systems — such as standard torsion spring, standard extension spring or EZ-SET® Torsion Spring — will require a specific amount of side room for the vertical track assembly’s attachment. These measurements ensure a smooth installation.
  • Headroom: Measure from the top of the rough opening to your garage ceiling. Remove any obstructions within the space above the door. The garage door, overhead tracks and springs will need a minimum of 10″ for extension springs or at least 12″ for torsion springs to function. If your garage has restricted headroom, contact BlackHawk Garage Door about our available options.
  • Backroom: Measure your garage’s length from the rough opening to the garage’s back wall. This measurement should meet or surpass the minimum distance required, which equals the height of the door plus 18″.

Professional Installation for Quality Results

Consider hiring professionals when buying a new garage door. While you might wish to do a DIY garage door installation, remember that this process will require specialized tools and a dedicated length of time. Professional installation provides comfort and convenience, making it a worthwhile investment for many buyers. Hired professionals generally need less turnaround time to complete an installation project than homeowners who choose to try the DIY route.

Promptly return to your daily routine and feel more secure with a quality job done right. When you buy from BlackHawk Garage Door, you can receive a limited warranty with our garage door installation services. Give yourself peace of mind when you switch your old door for a Clopay garage door and receive a one-year installation warranty.

Contact BlackHawk Garage Door in Wisconsin and Minnesota

When you’re ready to switch to a brand-new garage door, trust BlackHawk Garage Door for a quick and thorough buying experience. Customer service is our top priority, and we want to ensure you receive a garage door that’s perfect for your home and your needs. With many residential garage doors to choose from, our expert technicians will help you through every step of the process — guiding you from concept to purchase with additional options for professional installation.

Contact BlackHawk Garage Door today, and see how we can help you achieve a perfect garage door that’s functional, well-designed and affordable.

Insulated vs. Uninsulated Garage Doors

Whether you’re getting rid of your old garage door or picking one out for your new home, you have lots of decisions to make as you begin shopping for a new garage door. With so many styles and materials to choose from, you have plenty of options to fall in love with. Another crucial choice is whether to invest in an insulated garage door.

Can You Insulate Garage Doors?

Most garage doors offer insulation options, and making the right selection will affect your daily comfort and energy costs. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of insulating your garage door to see if it’s worth it for you.

The Pros and Cons of Insulated Garage Doors

The difference between insulated and uninsulated garage doors is a thick layer of foam. The foam allows the garage to retain heat in the winter and keep cooled air inside during the summer.

When homeowners compare insulated garage doors vs. non-insulated doors, the insulation almost always wins them over. They have a host of fantastic benefits!

Advantages of Insulated Garage Doors

1. They Increase Your Home’s Value

Upgrading your garage door is one of the smartest home improvements you can make. It offers an impressive return on investment, especially in Wisconsin and Minnesota. When you choose an insulated garage door, you increase your home’s value through curb appeal and energy efficiency. Insulated garage doors look sturdier and more attractive, which helps attract buyers when it’s time to sell. Since the house is more energy-efficient, buyers are willing to pay more upfront.

2. They Save Energy

Insulated garage doors seal up one of the largest gaps in your home’s thermal envelope. By keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer, they lessen the burden on your HVAC system. You’ll use less electricity to keep your home comfortable, saving you money. Insulating your garage door is one of the best ways to make your garage more energy-efficient.

3. They Keep Your Garage Warmer in Colder Months

An insulated garage door makes your garage considerably warmer. Some homeowners find their insulated garage doors increase their garage’s temperature by an average of 49 degrees over the outdoor temperature, depending on the r-value of the garage door.

If you use your garage as a workshop or living space, you’ll be warmer and more comfortable. If you use your garage to park your vehicle, an insulated garage door is more convenient. You’ll walk into a warmer vehicle and come home to a cozier garage. It makes transporting groceries or buckling kids’ seat belts that much easier.

4. They’re Quieter

One unexpected benefit of insulation is its sound absorbency. A thick layer of insulation can shield you from nearby barking dogs and traffic. If you use power tools or listen to loud music in your garage, you won’t disturb your neighbors. Bouncing a basketball off a garage door sounds about three times quieter on an Intellicore® insulated garage door than it does on an uninsulated door.

The insulation also works to dampen the door’s sound. Insulation fills in the gaps between the door’s steel layers, which absorbs noise. It will open and close more quietly to avoid waking sleeping babies or pets and give your entire household some peace.

5. They’re More Durable

Insulation adds a thick, inner layer to your garage door, giving it more impact resistance. The foam can absorb the shock from daily openings and impacts, making the door less likely to dent.

Besides the added durability, insulation also protects the garage door opener. In a warmer garage, the motor and metal moving parts will stay in better condition and last longer, which means lower costs on garage door opener repair.

6. They Protect Your Vehicle and Belongings

An insulated garage door protects your vehicle from extreme temperatures. Cold weather limits your battery’s capacity and could leave you with a dead battery. It also thickens fluids like antifreeze and motor oil, which could cause malfunctions. Cold air can also reduce your tire pressure. Any of these issues could shorten your vehicle’s life or send you to a mechanic.

Beside your vehicle, you more than likely store lots of temperature-sensitive materials in your garage. Things like motor oil, paint, fertilizers and cleaning chemicals can change consistency in extreme temperatures.

Damage to your vehicle and other belongings is less of a concern in a warmer garage due to having an insulated garage door versus a non-insulated door.

7. They Offer Flexible Insulation Options

When you pick an insulated garage door, you can select the garage insulation R-value that will meet your needs and budget. What is R-value? Essentially, it’s a measure of a material’s resistance to heat flow. A high R-value creates better insulation, keeping heat indoors and the cold outdoors. In the summer, it works the other way around, keeping your air conditioning inside. Garage door insulation comes in many R-values allowing you to select moderate or excellent insulation.

Disadvantages of Insulated Garage Doors

While insulated garage doors provide many benefits, they’re not for everyone. Some people don’t choose insulated doors because of downsides like these below:

1. Insulated Garage Doors Cost More Than Uninsulated Models

The main downside to insulated garage doors is their cost. Even the most economically priced insulated garage door will cost more than a similar uninsulated model. It’s crucial to weigh the upfront investment against long-term energy savings. You could save money down the line, both through a lower energy bill and a slight boost to your home’s resale value.

2. They Don’t Benefit You If the Garage Is Open

An open insulated garage door is no different from an uninsulated one. Upgrading to an automatic opener with myQ connectivity is a fantastic way to eliminate this drawback. The myQ app turns your automatic opener into a smart device. You’ll receive alerts when you’ve left your door open and can shut the door from your phone, no matter where you are.

The Pros and Cons of Uninsulated Garage Doors

Uninsulated garage doors come in the same attractive styles as their insulated counterparts. The only difference is what you can’t see. Instead of a layer of foam insulation behind the steel, it’s hollow space. In comparing insulated vs. uninsulated garage doors, you’ll find some pros and cons to the uninsulated models.

Advantages of Uninsulated Garage Doors

Uninsulated garage doors are a smart investment for some homeowners. While they’re not for everyone, an uninsulated garage door has some plus sides.

1. They’re Less Expensive

An uninsulated garage door’s primary advantage is the lower price. When comparing insulated vs. uninsulated garage door costs, the uninsulated version of your chosen door will always cost less. For the lower price, you get fewer layers of steel and no protection from the cold. However, you’ll also pay more for electricity.

2. They’re Practical in Mild Climates

A high R-value garage door isn’t necessary for everyone. In mild climates, homeowners don’t need to turn up the heat or air conditioning quite as often. An uninsulated garage door does the job.

In Minnesota and Wisconsin, it’s a different story. In Minnesota, the average low temperature ranges from 8 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit in the coldest months. In Wisconsin, the lows often dip to 1 degree Fahrenheit in January. In these bitter winters, an insulated garage door will pay for itself in saved heating costs.

3. They Work Well for Detached Garages

The top advantages of an insulated garage door are energy efficiency and comfort. If you have a detached garage, these two benefits become less important. With a detached garage, your heating system isn’t in the same building, and the insulation will not affect your home’s energy efficiency. Your insulated garage also won’t be much warmer without a heater inside. If you use a detached garage as living or working space, or use it for storage, it might still be worth it to get an insulated garage door. It will make any space heater or heat pump more efficient.

Disadvantages of Uninsulated Garage Doors

Uninsulated garage doors have some major drawbacks to consider.

1. They’re Not Energy-Efficient

The main drawback of an uninsulated door is that it provides no heat resistance. As a result, it lets your heating and air conditioning escape outdoors. Energy waste is a significant concern for people with attached garages. If your garage is next to climate-controlled rooms in your house, the heat loss through your garage will make your HVAC system work harder.

2. They Make Your Garage Less Comfortable

Without heat flow resistance, your garage will feel much like it is outdoors, no matter the season. If you spend time in the garage, you might prefer the added comfort of insulation.

3. They May Limit Your Storage Options

With more temperature fluctuation, many of the items you store in your garage are at risk. Wood may expand and contract more dramatically, causing cracks. Moisture-sensitive items will be susceptible to more humidity, and liquids may thicken. If you use your garage for storage, an uninsulated garage won’t provide the protection you need.

4. They’re Less Durable

An uninsulated garage door is hollow. A single-layer door won’t even have an inside face. This feature means the door is more likely to dent. Continually hitting your garage floor may cause extra wear, especially if it doesn’t have a protective floor coating. Tapping the door with your car or a soccer ball might also leave a dent.

5. They’re Noisier

Without insulation, a steel garage door has an empty cavity inside. As the door opens, vibrations rattle and echo inside that empty chamber. While some people are content with tuning it out, others can’t ignore it. The noise might wake people up late at night or early in the morning.

Is Insulating Your Garage Door Worth it? 

If you’re looking for a garage door that’s quiet, energy efficient, durable and works better in cold climates, an insulated garage door is going to be the best investment to fulfill your garage door needs. If you live in a milder climate, an uninsulated garage door could get the job done.

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