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Can You Finance a Garage Door?

If your garage door shows its age or you’re looking for an upgrade, consider financing to make a new garage door more affordable. Working with garage door companies that finance your purchase lets you improve your home’s appearance and value more easily.

The Benefits of Financing a New Garage Door 

Financing a new garage door is an investment in your home.

As a prominent and often-used feature of your home, your overhead door should look its best and function properly. This fixture’s prominence impacts your entire property, so financing a new garage door is a sensible move if you’re paying for frequent repairs. A replacement will increase your home’s curb appeal, attract buyers if you decide to sell your home and increase your property’s value. Plus, you receive these benefits for much less than the cost of major exterior renovations like new roofs and landscaping.

That impact on your property’s value can also mean that it makes sense to use financing to ensure you purchase the perfect garage door for your home. A door that lasts longer and complements your property’s architecture and aesthetic will give you an even better return on your investment — either by increasing your eventual sale price or just saving you the costs of repairs down the line.

Financing through a garage door company can also be the most reasonable approach from a household budgeting standpoint, allowing you to distribute the cost of a long-term home improvement over time.

Finding Garage Door Financing in Western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities

Once you’ve decided to purchase a new overhead door, you can look for a garage door company that offers financing with fair and affordable terms.

BlackHawk Garage Door has partnered with Hearth, which specializes in financing home improvement projects, to help customers finance their new garage doors. By working with more than a dozen lenders, we can find great rates and terms that meet your needs. You can also look for personalized options that make the most sense for you.

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Take the first step towards your new garage door by learning more about financing through Hearth. The pre-qualification process only takes a few minutes and won’t impact your credit score. You can also contact us with questions about a new garage door. The team at BlackHawk Garage Door is available to help you choose the best investment for your property.

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