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Broken Garage Door Cable Repair in Western WI and the Twin Cities

When garage door cables break or become worn, it can cause issues with your door and create an unsafe environment. In some cases, a broken garage door cable can cause your door to get stuck going up, leaving your home and property exposed and preventing you from getting inside.

If you think you need to replace a garage door cable near Bloomington or across Western Wisconsin, BlackHawk Garage Door is your local provider with fast, friendly and dependable service.

Automatic garage doors use torsion springs or extension springs to help lift the door. Depending on the springs you have installed, the garage door will have:

–Lift cables: Doors with torsion springs have lift cables installed, connecting the spring to the corner of the door. Lift cables are essential to help manage the weight when opening the door.

–Retaining cables: Garage doors with extension springs have retaining cables. Extension springs are under incredible tension, and retaining cables keep you and your home safe if they break.

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These cables often fail due to regular use, improper maintenance and corrosion. Lift and retaining cables can also break if another part of your garage is damaged and puts them through excessive wear and tear. If garage door cables break or start to fail, you can experience a range of issues that can cause stressful situations, lead to additional expenses and make it difficult to use your garage.

The most common signs of a broken garage door cable include:

–Visible signs of damage: If your cables look worn or frayed, or hang loosely from the door, they need expert replacement.

–Uneven door movement: When cables wear or snap, they can cause your door to open unevenly or have trouble fully closing.

–Difficulty moving the door: Garage doors with broken or damaged cables can experience jerky or shaky operation when opening.

–Unsafe closing speeds: Without the added support, a garage door with broken cables can shut faster than usual, adding unnecessary stress.


DIY (do-it-yourself) garage door cable replacement is incredibly dangerous. Also, trying to repair yours without the right tools and experience could leave you seriously injured. Whether your cable is broken, worn out, or looks frayed, you should always call us immediately.

Our technicians have the skill and expertise to replace any broken garage door cable in Bloomington, the Twin Cities area and across Western Wisconsin quickly and safely. Before we leave, we’ll perform an inspection to check for condition and serviceability for your added peace of mind.


BlackHawk for Garage Door Maintenance

BlackHawk Garage Door is a local, family-owned company with almost 20 years of industry experience. With two locations serving two states, we are your solutions provider to replace your garage door cable in Baldwin, throughout Western WI, and into the Twin Cities. If you have a broken cable, schedule service or request more information online today.


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