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Garage Door Repair Service for Western WI and the Twin Cities

You can expect a high-quality, properly maintained garage door to last 25 to 30 years or longer, but even the best doors may exhibit mechanical issues now and then. Repairing a broken garage door is typically not a do-it-yourself project. Working with springs, cables and other parts and components is complicated — and potentially dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you’re experiencing problems with the operation of a residential or commercial garage door in Bloomington, MN, Baldwin, WI, or anywhere else in the Twin Cities or Western Wisconsin, contact the experts at BlackHawk Garage Door. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been helping the region’s home and business owners keep their doors in peak operating condition. We’ll always be there when you need us!

    5 star review  Ray removed our old opener and installed the new one in short time. He explained all the new features leaving me with knowledge of how everything works. They also installed a screen door for the garage and were able to work around it with no issues. Very happy with all that were involved.

    thumb Christy Stiefel

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4 Common Garage Door Problems

Our certified repair technicians can handle all types of garage door repair challenges, including the typical issues that residential and commercial property owners face. Four of the most common issues that we handle on a regular basis follow.

1. Broken Springs

Garage door springs are essential for the safe, efficient opening and closing. Wear and tear, rust and improper maintenance can eventually cause springs to break and possibly prevent you from operating the door. A snapping spring unleashes a high volume of stored energy, which can cause significant injuries or property damage.

If you’re noticing the telltale signs of weakening springs, such as corrosion, unusual noises or uneven door opening, call BlackHawk Garage Door right away to perform a spring repair or spring replacement.

2. Broken Cables

Cables run through the springs and prevent them from recoiling when they snap. Because of their crucial garage door safety role, it’s essential to replace broken cables as soon as possible. Our professional technicians can take care of this delicate, potentially hazardous garage door repair task for you.

3. Problems Opening or Closing

A garage door may fail to open or close for many reasons — examples include broken springs, a blocked photo-eye, snapped cables or a malfunctioning opener. We’re able to diagnose the problem and perform the necessary repair steps quickly and correctly to get the door working properly again as soon as possible.

4. Unresponsive Door Opener

An opener serves as a garage door’s operating system. If it doesn’t work, neither will your door. We’ll perform a series of troubleshooting steps to determine why your opener isn’t functioning properly, whether it’s dead batteries or something more significant like a burned-out motor or a damaged main gear drive.

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Allow Experienced Technicians to Service Your Garage Door

Many of the professional technicians at BlackHawk Garage Door have been fixing broken garage doors for more than 10 years and we provide quality service with high customer satisfaction. We can identify any problem and implement the most reliable and cost-effective solution. Unlike many of our competitors, we’ll explore every available garage door repair option before recommending a complete garage door replacement.

Learn More About Our Twin Cities and Western WI Garage Door Service

The next time you need prompt, trustworthy repairs for your garage door in Bloomington, Baldwin or elsewhere in the region, contact the experienced pros at BlackHawk Garage Door to request a convenient service appointment.

  • 5 star review  Ray removed our old opener and installed the new one in short time. He explained all the new features leaving me with knowledge of how everything works. They also installed a screen door for the garage and were able to work around it with no issues. Very happy with all that were involved.

    thumb Christy Stiefel

    5 star review  We had excellent and timely service from this company and highly recommend them. Our doors were expertly installed and look incredible! Totally changed the look of our house!

    thumb Shelley Germundson

    5 star review  We are very satisfied with the service, garage door and accessories recommended by Bob Galle. I did my research on the garage opener brand and the type of garage door for our non-standard size, single car garage. Bob was very knowledgable. The crew were very accommodating and listened to my concerns. I eventually went with Bob’s recommendation of the insulation value door (R) and liftmaster opener, very quiet. The workmanship was great and installer explained to us all the features on the liftmaster before he left the site. Thanks all. Hai and Suzy

    thumb Hai Nguyen
  • 5 star review  Great experience. Had polyaspartate coating on our new home's garage floor. Looks great and was applied with no mess.

    thumb David McAlpine

    5 star review  I am impressed with Bryton Gunderson and the owner. We had issues with our new garage doors and they sent a repairman that very day as we could not get the garage door working & needed to leave. The owner was so courteous and nice. Bryton Gunderson is a shining star. He came to the door and was ever so polite and courteous. He programmed the remotes too. We didn't know you could use one for both doors. We have not have figured that out. The customer service was bomb. I am impressed.

    thumb Carlene Johnson

    5 star review  Recently Bryson and Chris installed both a double and single garage doors. I was impressed with their knowledge, skill sets, and thoroughness. I appreciate the great work.

    thumb nmjrivercity Nmjrivercity
  • 5 star review  I had the priviledge to have Bryton Gunderson do a service call on my garage door opener today and his manners, and service were very professional. He was very knowledgeable about his work that he set out to take care. Thank you very much Bryton

    thumb Karen Desmith

    5 star review  Absolutely Love my new door and So appreciative of both Nate and Soo Much with John, the installer. John explained my issues and corrected and made me extremely Happy!! Totally happy from beginning to installation and beyond!! Thank you All😀

    thumb Julie Hart

    5 star review  The garage door installation was wonderful. The guys came on the scheduled time, completed the installation earlier than expected and trained me on the operation and online options for the new lift. The door looks amazing! Great job and would fully recommend working with this company in the future.

    thumb Joseph Arko
  • 5 star review  Blackhawk did our garage floors 5 years ago and they still look great. While our floor is amazing and without problems we had to call recently to have our old garage door repaired (NOT installed or serviced by Blackhawk previously so need for repair was not their fault). John was friendly, honest and provided some education so that we could potentially troubleshoot a little bit in the future if we wanted to. We definitely know where to go when we are ready to replace our garage doors.

    thumb Loretta Pfannes

    5 star review  I had two new garage doors installed by John today. I can't express enough how happy I am with the quality of the product and the service performed by John. Blackhawk is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable, personable and attention to detail orientated employee as John. His workmanship is top notch and I am extremely grateful I got him as my installer. Thank you Blackhawk and thank you John!

    thumb Eric Solum

    5 star review  I needed a new garage door opener I called late on Monday and they were there the next day. They did a great job explained everything about the new opener and what they had done. Not only did he put in the new opener but he also adjusted the springs and lubed the track and tightened up the rollers as the brackets had loosened up over the years. Highly recommend BlackHawk Garage Door.

    thumb Myron Haynes
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