Trending Garage Door Design Ideas for 2023

Trending Garage Door Design Ideas for 2023

Trending Garage Door Design Ideas for 2023

Because your garage door contributes to your home’s curb appeal and daily function, replacing it can be a compelling update. A quality garage door is naturally durable and practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be full of style and character. 

Explore these top trending garage door designs and ideas for 2023 to find your favorites and get what you envision for your doors

Black Garage Doors

A black garage door is a beautiful statement that adds timeless elegance to your home. Black garage doors are increasingly popular and can add value because black design elements are prominent in upscale homes. 

Black is a surprisingly versatile color, no matter your home’s architectural style or exterior shade. A bold, black garage door can be a unique focal point, especially if your house color contrasts the garage doors. Your door can blend seamlessly if your exterior design already features darker colors. 

Black garage door accents are a perfect way to incorporate high-end appeal without overcommitting. Add a splash of black to your garage door’s panels, window frames or light fixtures to modernize the finished look. Whether you go for an all-black garage door or use the color to highlight specific features, your house will have stunning curb appeal.

Smart Garage Doors

There’s nothing better than tailoring your home to be safer, energy-efficient and convenient. Plus, high-tech features are an incredible selling point for homeowners. With all this in mind, it’s exciting to know you can embrace smart elements in your garage doors, too.

Here are some of the customizable functions of smart garage doors: 

  • Control your garage door remotely using your smartphone. 
  • Receive notifications whenever your garage door opens or closes. 
  • Save energy and reduce costs with sensors that adjust the temperature in your garage.
  • Create a safer environment and save energy with motion sensors that automatically close the door if no one is around. 

Wood-Grain Colors

Wooden doors’ natural, rustic aesthetic is classic. Wood is always in style, but requires extensive upkeep to maintain a polished look. Thankfully, there is a clever alternative. Wood-grain colors are a trending garage door design idea that gives you a realistic look and feel with all the added advantages of Fiberglas and other durable materials. 

Garage door manufacturing has many exciting innovations, including incredible technology we can apply to materials. For example, you can give sturdy steel doors a wooden look and texture.

Wood-grain colors are a great option if you have a natural theme running through the rest of your exterior. Wood-grain garage doors can beautifully complement stone or brick walls and look stunning against cream or white accents.  

Full-View Aluminum Doors

You can create a striking and ultra-modern look with full-view aluminum garage doors. These have become more prevalent in residential areas, and it’s easy to see why. This design offers all the protection and privacy you want from a garage door without obstructing your vision. The full-view design also allows for lots of natural light, so your garage’s interior is bright and inviting while seeming more spacious. 

Full-view aluminum doors create an architectural point of interest and give your home a contemporary edge. 

Other benefits you get from full-view aluminum garage doors include: 

  • Aluminum is a durable, low-maintenance material.
  • Full-view aluminum doors feature reflective glass for privacy and laminated glass for safety.


Homeowners are increasingly using their garages as an extension of their homes. For example, you may want to convert your garage into a gym, studio, workshop or home office. For all these purposes, you’ll need a well-ventilated space that feels bright and welcoming. Adding windows to your garage doors is the answer. 

You also have a world of design options that can fit seamlessly into your home’s style and architecture. Choose from various textures and designs, from square to arched windows. 

Consider all the features you want your windows to have and discuss them with a professional. You can have opaque windows for added privacy or windows designed with safety in mind. 



Insulated doors are a must-have if you live in a colder climate, especially if your garage attaches to rooms you use daily. You’d be surprised how much heat you could lose in your house from uninsulated garage doors. Insulated garage doors are also effective in warmer areas, because proper insulation can prevent your garage from becoming stifling hot.  

Insulated garage doors offer an economical option that can reduce energy usage. These doors also make your garage more comfortable and practical, especially if you use it as a gym, workshop or office. 

Bold Colors

Gone are the days of a garage door being nothing more than a practical component of your house. Embracing bold colors is one of the best garage door trends of 2023. Bright colors give you a simple but effective way to update your exterior. The best part is that there are so many color ideas for garage doors, and you can play with this trend as much as you desire to get the most vibrant palette in any hue you choose. Bold garage doors will create an eye-catching and modern focal point for your house. 

Farmhouse Carriage

Are you dreaming of a charming farmhouse? You can get an authentic barn feel with a farmhouse carriage garage door. Farmhouse carriage doors come in various styles. You can customize them using materials like steel or wood-grain and your favorite paint stains and finishes. 

Carriage garage door styles can mimic swing doors for the whole farmhouse experience. Regardless of your choice, farmhouse carriage doors will add a rustic character to your house. 

Sustainable Designs

Sustainable design elements will always be on trend. We’ve already seen how smart garage doors, windows and insulated doors provide you with energy-efficient options. Recycled materials like plastic composites or reclaimed wood accents are also game-changing and an easy way to incorporate sustainability into your garage door’s design. 

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