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9 Tips to Repurpose Your Old Garage Door 

9 Tips to Repurpose Your Old Garage Door 

Installing a new garage door will improve the functionality and appearance of your home. When your old garage door comes off, you may wonder what to do with it.

Instead of throwing it away, you can reuse your old garage door to make beautiful decorations and accent pieces for your home. You can transform a worn-out aluminum, fiberglass, solid wood or steel garage door into something new and exciting. This guide will explain nine tips for repurposing garage doors so that you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. 

9 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Garage Door

Once you’ve chosen a new garage door, you can start brainstorming ideas on how to recycle your old garage door. It might be hard to picture them as anything else, but there are many other uses for garage doors. You can make unique home decor or more practical items — the possibilities are endless! Here are some creative ways to reuse your old garage door: 

1. Raised Flower Beds

First on this list of tips for reusing your garage door is to create raised flower beds. Replacing your old garage door can provide the materials to create raised flower beds that add some style to your backyard. This project works with any garage door that has four separate panels. 

Once the panels have been separated and cut to your desired size, the assembly process is simple. Arrange the pieces into a square shape and screw them together. You can use a scrap piece of wood or an aluminum angle to connect the corners. 

When the raised beds are complete, all you have to do is fill them with soil. Now you can use them to plant beautiful flowers or fresh vegetables and herbs to use in the kitchen. 

2. Outdoor Bench

You can transform an old wooden garage door into a charming outdoor bench in a few easy steps. Choose one full panel for the seat portion of your bench. If you would like to add a back to your bench, you can use another panel or prop it against a wall for support. 

To create the legs of your bench, you can use another piece of paneling to cut out identical square supports. You can use three or four for extra strength. Now, all you have to do is attach your legs to the bottom of the seat panel. Once it’s finished, you’ll have a rustic outdoor bench where you can relax and unwind. 

3. Privacy Screen 

This idea might be the easiest project of them all. You can repurpose your old garage door into a privacy screen by standing up your garage door where you want additional privacy. You can use scrap wood or cinderblocks to help hold it in place. 

If your old garage door is out of style, you can add a fresh coat of paint and decorate it with large plants and outdoor string lights. With a few simple accessories, it won’t even look like a garage door anymore!

Unique Headboard

4. Unique Headboard

Vintage garage doors often have interesting paneling and unique designs. If you love the look of your old garage door, you can use it to create a one-of-a-kind headboard for your bedroom. 

Choose a section that you want to use as your headboard and cut it to the appropriate size. If it’s a small garage door, you might be able to use three or four panels without making any cuts. You can paint or upholster the panels for a customized design. 

Use sturdy brackets to attach your finished headboard to the wall so that it’s safe and secure. 

5. Chalk Board

If your garage door panels have a classic grid pattern, you can use them to create a row of chalkboards. Take one panel of your garage door and paint each square with chalkboard paint. You can leave the edges plain or paint them to match your personal style. 

Once the paint is dry, you can attach the panel to the wall using a sturdy bracket. Now all you need is some chalk, and you can start writing store lists, weekly schedules and love notes on your brand new chalkboards! 

6. Shabby Chic Greenhouse 

While it might take some time and additional supplies, you can create your own greenhouse using the window panels of your old garage door. You can keep it simple and make a miniature greenhouse by attaching your window panels vertically. The small rectangular box can hold a few plants for growing herbs and flowers all year round. 

If you want a more elaborate greenhouse, you can use the glass window panels from your garage door with other glass materials to make a larger planting shed. If you’ve ever replaced the windows on your home, you can use the old ones for this project as well. 

7. Custom Artwork 

An old garage door panel is like a blank canvas that you can use to express your creativity. You can paint, tile, stain or carve your old garage door to create a unique piece of art to decorate your home. A wooden panel can add a natural touch to the living room, or a steel door can give your office an industrial aesthetic. You can keep it simple or do something dramatic — it’s up to you! 

8. Coat Rack 

An old garage door panel is perfect for creating a statement coat rack inside the entryway. You can start by painting or staining the panel to your desired color. If you would like to add a shelf, you can attach a piece of wood to the top half of the panel. 

Next, add the hooks. You can choose a hook that matches your personal style and looks decorative when there’s nothing on the rack. Screw the hooks to your garage door panel with several inches in between so there is room to hang large coats and hats. 

Now you can mount your new coat rack and start hanging things up! 

9. Book Shelf 

With a few tools and basic carpentry skills, you can make your own custom shelving for free by repurposing your old garage door. You can use the entire door as the back of a large bookcase or divide the wooden panels to create individual shelves. Once they’re complete, you can use them to display your books or stylish home decor. 

Replacing Your Old Garage Door 

Before you can start repurposing your old garage door, you need to install a new one. BlackHawk Garage Door offers a wide selection of beautiful garage doors in long-lasting materials. Our Clopay and C.H.I. garage doors provide superior function and curb appeal. 

BlackHawk Garage Door is a family-owned business that you can trust. Our expert technicians have over 10 years of experience. We pride ourselves on pleasing our customers with honest and professional customer service. We’ll help you enhance your home with a gorgeous new garage door. Contact us today for a free estimate! 

Replacing Your Old Garage Door

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Rey of Sunshine Rey
Rey of Sunshine Rey
18:43 12 Feb 21
I started having issues with my old garage door openers a few years ago, each winter their performance got worse and worse, until finally one just died. I called several companies to get a quote over the phone. Blackhawk came in less than any... other companies I spoke with by over $100. Tom was a blast to converse with, asking detailed questions regarding the garage door openers I had at the time. Nate called me to schedule an install in a timely manner and when Tom stated her would. A pleasure to speak with and set up an appointment. I was expecting to wait a week at least. When he booked a tentative appointment for 2 days later ......I was elated. It was the coldest week so far this winter and I was so sick of parking outside in the subzero weather! Kyle and Colten showed up on time and both had smiles on their faces and were here and gone within 3 hours. Understand, they had to replace springs and had to install overhead rails etc as the previous opener was a wall mount type opener. They completely cleaned up their mess, briefly went over programming the new openers and were on their way. Thanks guys! You all rock!!!read more
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Brent Haglund
20:54 05 Feb 21
Great company and great experience. Our garage door spring broke and within hours after talking with Nate their crew had the springs fixed, adjusted and door works perfectly. Thanks Blackhawk Garage Door and Nate!
Laura McNiff
Laura McNiff
20:19 02 Feb 21
The staff and crew at Blackhawk Garage Door were awesome. I have had them out twice in the past two weeks fixing broken springs and helping me to fix my door opener. They were very professional, timely, and most of all honest and trust worthy,... fixing a problem while giving honest answers. I would recommend them full heartedly. Thanks so much, Manny Krugread more
Sam Webber
Sam Webber
22:48 07 Jan 21
Had these guys fix a broken spring on one door and install an opener on another. Very knowledgeable and efficient techs. I will definitely be using them in the future and will recommend to friends. Big thanks to Nate, John, Colten, and Jordan!
David Feyereisen
David Feyereisen
11:51 03 Jan 21
John and Kyle put my garage doors in and did a FANTASTIC job. Great workmanship and great customer service. I highly recommend these guys. Thanks!!!!
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Randy Prescott
15:58 29 Dec 20
Truely Excellent Service! I called on Monday evening about a broken garage door spring and they had a tech out to fix it up Tuesday morning. John, the tech they sent out was quiet, curtious and fast. He had the job done in about 30 minutes, Awesome!
Robert Schmitz
Robert Schmitz
22:16 17 Dec 20
Great service! The cable broke on my garage door at work...called mid morning and it was fixed before noon. Very efficient in their work and very professional. The customer service person that I talked to was very helpful and the technicians did a... great job. Would highly recommend them!read more
Scott Lee
Scott Lee
16:17 28 Aug 20
Blackhawk Garage Door was fantastic to work with when my garage door spring broke. When I called, Nate answered. He took care to understand my problem, he gave a clear estimate of the investment involved, and promptly scheduled a time for their... service crew to come and fix my issue. The 2-man crew came at their scheduled time, and replaced, and upgraded my spring setup in a quick and professional manner. They were in and out within about 45 minutes!! I would definitely do business again with Blackhawk Garage Door, and would refer them to my friends and family. 5-Star Rating, for sure.read more
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