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4 Unique Uses of Glass Garage Doors

4 Unique Uses of Glass Garage Doors

As the years have progressed, garage doors are evolving and becoming more popular. Gone are the days where garage doors had to be just your standard dull and neutral colors. Boosting “curb appeal” has become more popular and people are more interested in adding the best trends to their houses to make their garage look more attractive and unique. After all, when your home looks attractive and well kept, it can bring in a lot more interest if you are after an offer.

Glass garage doors have multiple uses and some of them will leave you in awe of the modernization and contemporary style they bring. 

There are many unique residential and commercial uses of glass garage doors that are quickly becoming trendsetters. These trends include glass garage doors for restaurants, outdoor/indoor living, chicken coops, greenhouses, pool sheds, gardens, commercial space and many more. Let us have a look at four of these designs with glass garage doors here. 

Glass Garage Door Options

Glass garage doors are minimalistic and low maintenance, and they have an aesthetically pleasing look. Bring extra natural light into your garage or space with these beautifully designed door options. Now that you have caught on to the latest garage door trends, you may be asking yourself what designs glass garage doors come in or their uses. We will jump into some great uses of glass garage doors and help you decide which will be best for you. 

1. Indoor/Outdoor Living for Modern Homes

Glass garage doors for indoor and outdoor living maximize living space and naturally reduce the amount of electricity needed to light up a room. Converting a garage into a room, home office or studio has become very common, and glass garage doors have become the new trend to modernize your indoor and outdoor areas. 

What are the benefits?

  • Customizability: Glass garage doors are completely customizable and can come in clear, frosted or mirrored glass for increased privacy depending on your design and what you want to use your glass garage door for. 
  • Low-maintenance: You do not have to worry about the high maintenance costs that often accompany wooden or steel doors. Glass garage doors are unique because glass cannot rust when exposed to the elements. Ensuring you have commercial-grade aluminum framing that resists rust will be an important start. The great aspect about aluminum framing is that you can customize it with many different colors!
  • Insulation: Glass garage doors can have insulation incorporated into them to prepare for extreme weather conditions properly. 
  • ROI: The cost of glass garage doors should be seen as an investment that will increase your home’s resell value and give your living space that extra wow factor it may not have had before. Adding a high-quality fixture to your property can only bring a return on investment (ROI)!

2. Patio Seating With Glass Doors for Restaurants

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only can you have glass garage doors for interior use in your home, but you can also incorporate them into your restaurant design for your patio seating area or for a more stylish look as a whole.

There are several ways that you can use glass garage doors for your restaurant, such as:

  • Full-view glass garage doors, which are beautiful and modern and can separate the outside from the inside of your restaurant. These doors are perfect if you have an outside bar that you want to close up during bad weather conditions. 
  • Full floor-to-ceiling glass garage doors opening up onto an outdoor patio seating in place of a garage. This design is great to accommodate warmer days. 
  • A glass window area in place of roll-up garage doors to open up the inside to the outdoors. With this method, you can bring in more light and give your restaurant a trendy modern look.

Benefits of glass garage doors for restaurants:

  • Maximize the space you have between your outdoor and indoor restaurant spaces.
  • Use glass garage doors as a movable wall or partition in commercial settings.
  • Enjoy gaining extra seating all year round by allowing for cold and hot weather.
  • Suit your restaurant style with unlimited customization options.
  • Showcase your restaurant and set yourself apart from your competition.

3. Pool Shed Glass Door

Impressed with your neighbor’s new pool shed glass door? These are quickly becoming the latest trend, proving that glass garage door uses are not only limited to garages. Customize your designs to use as you like. You can give your whole outdoor pool area a modern makeover with pool shed glass garage doors. They can function as a partition to make an extra outdoor space that can be used for socializing in both warm and colder weather. 

Glass garage doors show how versatile they are due to being highly customizable, as they will make an excellent addition to any garden, pool or home.

Glass garage doors show how versatile they are due to being highly customizable, as they will make an excellent addition to any garden, pool or home.

4. Gardens, Chicken Coops and Greenhouses

Gone are the days of owning a shabby-looking chicken coop. Spruce up your coop, garden or greenhouse with a contemporary-styled glass garage door. Or, if you really want to embrace your inner gardener, you can convert your garage into a greenhouse by installing glass garage doors, which can be a more cost-effective solution. 

Thinking of weather control for your greenhouse? Installing insulation can help with temperature regulation. The unique aspect of using glass garage doors for your greenhouse is that you can customize your setup exactly to what you want. 

As chicken coops become more popular, consider incorporating glass garage doors and windows. These features, which slide up easily, will give you an easy-to-use chicken shed that brings natural light and gives greenhouse effects for a warm winter abode that your chicks will enjoy!

Benefits of using glass garage doors for your chicken coop:

  • Natural light with greenhouse effect for a warmer winter.
  • Less maintenance on your chicken coop.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning glass is a lot easier than wood.
  • An easier to open ventilation system for your chicks in warmer months. 
  • A modern and neat styled shed in your garden.

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